Protect Your Outdoor Signs With Weather-Resistant Signage

Outdoor signs are a great way to communicate to your customers, display your products and services, or announce events. They’re a must have in any marketing plan, whether you’re using them for a business or nonprofit organization. In San Francisco, there are tons of businesses that use outdoor signs all around town. Here are a few popular places to find them.

Outdoor Signs

Aluminum is an excellent material for outdoor signs, as it is strong, lightweight, and versatile. There are three main choices for outdoor aluminum signs: pre-painted signs, pre-designed signs, or custom signs created by a sign company. The least expensive of these three options is a pre-painted sign.

Pre-painted outdoor signs can be used for just about any type of signage need. They’re easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Plus, they’re the perfect choice if you want to advertise your business to people passing by your business or home.

Pre-designed outdoor signs can be made to your specifications. From single-word letter combinations to complex multi-colored channels, you can get custom signs designed to fit your space and meet your specific needs. You’ll need to measure your space before you go shopping so you’ll know exactly what size sign you’ll need. Once you’ve selected your sign style, you can choose different types of pole signs, such as round, rectangular, or decorative circular.

Finally, you can choose weather-resistant or water-resistant outdoor signs. While not always practical, most customers prefer weather-resistant signage because it’s more resistant to damage from rain, sun, snow, wind, and hail. However, a water-resistant signage type should be able to withstand exposure to water for at least one year. If you live in an area where you occasionally experience severe weather, such as heavy rain or wind, consider an outdoor signage option that features a weather-resistant or water-resistant surface. This will help protect your signage from damage caused by these types of weather conditions.

Dura-Wood Signs offers customers many options when it comes to custom sign designs. Whether you want a simple single-word sign, or multi-colored, multi-sided message, you can find just the thing you need. In addition to the standard single or multi-color option, Dura-Wood Signs also has complete UV protected ink. This ink gives your outdoor signs the ultimate protection from fading, cracking, and deterioration caused by exposure to the sun and air.