Looking for These Lightroom Reviews

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  • That site online that offers the best photography reviews

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Yes, lightroom reviews. For all you know, lightroom is exactly what you need to have the moment you’re planning on making some changes on your photography.

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You can’t underestimate the value of these reviews. It’ll make your photo editing so smooth and hassle free because lightroom has tools that user-friendly, even beginners can navigate it without scratching their heads. No frills, no unnecessary items in these reviews, just aiming for that quality and sophistication on your photos.

So, “where can I check lightroom reviews?”, this link, https://sleeklens.com/, will give you more. Read these reviews and take it to heart. Who knows, the ideas you can get from these reviews will make you a bankable photographer in the long run.

Commercial Drone Photography at New Heights

  • Drone photography introduction
  • The commercial drone trend
  • Resources about drone photography

Drone photography has come a long way from just being a surveillance method for the military. Although this has been credited as the origin of the said field, drones are now being used commercially either for photography or research purposes. It isn’t just a military tool any more, but it is also available for the general public. Although some would argue that camera drones are pretty expensive, it still does beat the other alternative, which is renting out a helicopter just to take pictures. It’s both practical and cheap in comparison.

The camera drone trend is basically brought by the rising demand for these devices. Aerial photography is now accessible more than ever. One factor that has also helped give rise to this trend is social media. With social media, there is now a very accessible platform that you can use to share photos and videos done through aerial photography. A good example of this is those videos of crowds in a rave, concert or big event that are shot from a bird’s eye view. This is a pretty common video that you can find now on any social media site that you login to. Let’s be honest, we all love those videos and think they are pretty cool right? And somewhere deep down, you want to make one like that too! That mentality is what gave birth to this trend, people that have wondered if they can take photos or videos like that and actually went out and got themselves a camera drone.

So, if you are thinking of doing drone photography and want to buy a camera drone, there’s a good resource that you can use. Cameradojo.com is great website that provides accurate reviews and features comparison of all the best camera drones in the market today. Go check it out!

Cool Resume Templates for the Year

  • 2016 templates to use for your resume
  • Resumes with cool designs for your application
  • Downloadable templates and formats you can get online for your resume

2016 is a challenging year for a lot of people, especially to those who are looking for jobs. And part of that special moment is in the proliferation of these resume templates that you can download online.


Now, resume templates for 2016 is something you should never miss, that is, if you are still looking for that long-awaited job. You don’t want to miss this collection because most of the templates included in this list make your resume a notch higher than the rest of those other applicants have.

If you want immediate results with your job application, then these resume templates for 2016 is the collection you need to check out. These are the kinds of templates that have designs, graphics and even formats that highlight your skills, talents, know-how, and job experience, something that you need in order for you to make that initial impression to your future boss.

These resume templates for 2016 also has that unique feature in that you can get most of them for free. You don’t have to spend much for you to have that effective resume with you. These are the newest resumes in town, so it is imperative that you have one of these templates for you to have a fruitful job application.

Don’t wander yourself anymore online, looking for that perfect template for your resume. These resume templates for 2016 says it all, from design to its content, you can present yourself in a manner that converts a “yes to your future employer.

That is, if you include these resume templates for 2016 as part of your tools when applying for a job. See more of these resume templates for 2016 in here.

How to Install Lightroom Presets

  • There are many website claiming to have all the right ways to install a Lightroom preset
  • When searching for things related to Lightroom, remember to be specific, choose videos over paragraphs, and pictures
  • Only trust websites with long clean track records

If you make a quick sweep on the internet on how to install Lightroom presets, you will be bombarded by the overwhelming number of ways to install a single preset. The variation in ways of importing a Lightroom preset is due to the many different versions of Lightroom that has been released in the market.


Since there are a lot of ways to install Lightroom in a lot of versions of it, instead of discussing how to import presets step by step in every single Lightroom versions, we’ll discuss how to find the right way of importing your Lightroom version on the instead.

The internet is wide and has its light and dark (websites with viruses) areas, therefore, caution are a must. When searching for the right way of how to install Lightroom presets, remember to be specific. Okay, admittedly, that advice is quite redundant but if you’ve already tried searching about Lightroom, you’ll find that there are a lot of websites and channels claiming to know the hows and whats of Adobe.

So in order to avoid confusion and the longtime of scrolling in the wrong website, remember to specify on your search the Lightroom version that you’re working on. Another tip you need to know is to try searching for videos instead of pictures or text content when searching for Lightroom tutorials.

There is nothing more comprehensible and detailed way of learning than actually seeing with your own two eyes how something is done. Although paragraphs and pictures can be very effective method for teaching, video still easily defeats all of them.

Lastly, stick to the sites with long clean history on the internet. Always visit the ones that are reliable. Although the internet can be a very confusing and scary sphere, you don’t need to worry about anything especially if you’re sticking to the right and trusted ways of navigating through it.

An Adobe Lightroom Introduction for Beginners

  • Adobe Lightroom is considered the on-the-go editing program
  • Lightroom can be downloaded for free in both Android Google Play and in Apple Store.
  • So, why Lightroom?

Most photographers, especially professional portrait photographers, are always looking for new and creative software and workflows for their images. Basically, there are a lot of photo editing programs available in the market, but it’s not enough for them since they want something fresh, unique and artistic. According to an expert portrait photographer, among those high-end software lists in the market, they were able to find the best program for their images and it is called Lightroom.

So, why Lightroom?


Adobe Lightroom is considered the on-the-go editing program for most portrait photographers because aside from its desktop application, they can modify and manage their images using their smartphones. Lightroom can be downloaded for free in both Android Google Play and in Apple Store. In addition, Lightroom has a lot to offer; seven different editing modules which include the presets, web sharing, print, book, map, develop and the library module.

So if you want to start up with your photography career, then I would definitely recommend that you buy a license version of Lightroom and start creating your own presets or download third party plugins online.

Personally, I use Lightroom presets for my portrait images or any type of pictures. I have to admit that I have been relying to third-party Lightroom presets for portraits because I don’t have the time to create it on my own.

Using Adobe Lightroom presets is very easy. All you have to do is to choose an image, go to the Develop Module in Lightroom, then choose a preset you want to use then apply it to one or more images at once.

In addition to what I’ve discussed earlier about creating and using your own presets, you are also allowed to share and upload it online. In that way, you’re not just helping others with their images; you are also making money for yourself.

3 Landscape photography Secrets You Never Knew

  • Photographers consider “Landscape Photography” as one of their favorite types of photography.
  • These tips will help you take the best landscape shot.
  • Learn the 3 landscape photography secrets and tips.

Both amateur and professional photographers consider “Landscape Photography” as one of their favorite types of photography.  They like the thought of capturing breathtaking sceneries, natural landscapes, and other plain views. In this article, you’ll be able to learn the 3 landscape photography secrets and tips.


These tips will help you take the best landscape shot.

Capture Moving Subjects

If you want to shoot a moving water, the only thing you have to do is to use a good DSLR camera and set the exposure to the highest level. In addition, using of tripods is important so everything will be as clear and sharp.

Use Wide-Angled Lenses

Landscape photography wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for wide angle lenses. This type of lens can show a broader view of the scene for about 180 degrees. These lenses can also provide better depth which enables you to use high levels of shutter speeds. Using of wide angled lenses when shooting mountains, lakes, rivers and forest are suggested.

Use Appropriate Filters or Actions

To make the best landscape photography, you also have to use and apply the best filters or actions to your landscape images. There are several free photoshop actions for landscape photographers available online. Filters and actions are useful if you’re in a rush or when you don’t have enough time to add details to it manually.


Landscape photography is indeed lovable and it is no surprise why photographers love it. It is not just about taking pictures, it’s also about appreciating the wonders of the world. With Landscape photography, we are enabling ourselves to connect with nature (oceans, fields, mountains,forest, lakes, rivers and etc.) With great courage and passion, creating the best landscape photograph is possible.

A Clean, Neat Workflow from Lightroom  

  • 4 workflow features from Lightroom
  • Offering a filing system for its photos
  • Free Lightroom presets with neat workflow structure available online

Make no mistake about it; there is a structure when you enhance your photos with Lightroom. The outcome of it, however, will amaze you. You wouldn’t think that you are capable of churning out beautiful photos by simply following its structure.



Now there are free Lightroom presets available online. One would think that because they are free, there’s not much structure to follow really because everything is already in default mode, pre-designed for you to use. But there’s workflow still with these presets, free Lightroom presets in a neat workflow structure.

Here’s why Lightroom presents a neat workflow for your photos.

  1. File Name – One of the unique features of Lightroom is its ability to store your images through its filing system, complete with a sub-folder, while giving these files a name. It can compartmentalize its data into its storage system.
  2. Exporting Images with Location – It can export images as well, regardless if it’s in JPEG setup, along with a location. You can also save them in your output folder too, and with a name.
  3. Syncing Folders – Synching your folders will get you a new import dialog. After clicking “synchronize”, you will be able to see the files you created, even as they are stored in one place.
  4. Editing – Of course, the editing process, especially when editing the exposure, white balance, and even the shadow levels of your photos. After such changes though, you can now export them to a folder (Select) as TIFs.

These are just some of the features that makes Lightroom ahead of the game when it comes to structuring your photos. It never fails to make an impression when producing quality photos even if these presets are easy to access, free Lightroom presets in a neat workflow structure.

Don’t worry about its tools. They are easy to use. Lightroom makes things easy for you, that even a workflow will turn out to be a routine when editing your photos.

There’s always a system involved when churning out quality, beautiful photos. At the outset, though, the effect looked so perfect and without blemish, but the amount of work behind it always has that structure to follow.

With Lightroom, however, you need not concern yourself anymore on how to deal with that structure, all you need to do is prepare that picture and Lightroom will take care of it.

Little Known Ways to Lightroom Presets

  • One of Lightroom biggest assets is called presets.
  • Lightroom contains a lot of menus, sliders and adjustment options.
  • Adobe Lightroom has built-in presets that you can use for your images.

One of Adobe Lightroom’s best assets is called preset, or filtered images with certain adjustments. Photographers are more interested in using presets than modifying manually in Photoshop. It is also the best time-saver feature ever created.LR 25

Generally, when I first started using Adobe Lightroom, I didn’t expect that it would be so different than Photoshop. I was used to managed my images for longer hours, but in Lightroom, I can finish a one photo session for just a few minutes or hours. Lightroom has a lot of menus, sliders and buttons to choose from and most of it are very user-friendly; I don’t need to re-read the product manual since everything in the interface is understandable. You might be surprised since you may not be able to use all the features in Lightroom. The only thing you need to do when using the program is to look for the best tools that will help you in our workflow such as creating presets and organizing images in one collection folder.

Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of default presets made by Adobe to help you get started with your images. Take note that these default presets have its own settings; you can use it for your own reference so that you’ll learn how to create your own preset collection. Moreover, these built-in presets are simple and needs further modification. If you want to learn more about presets, you can download the best Lightroom presets at www.sleeklens.com. They offer special and free bundles of presets that you can apply in your images. Learn how to install and use presets by watching the video below:

Understanding and mastering Adobe Lightroom has never been easy as I have also worked with other post processing software like Photoshop and elements. I can really say that Lightroom preset is more useful  than Photoshop action.

Ways of Enhancing Photos with Lightroom Presets

As the saying goes, there are many ways of skinning a cat. In the same way that there are many viewpoints in a particular idea. The same can be said about photography also, especially with the way pictures are edited nowadays.

Ever since the arrival of Lightroom, photo editing has gone on the even greater heights since it allows ordinary photo enthusiasts to edit their photos like that of a professional photographer. With its presets and brushes, they can now experiment the type of style and mood they want with their photos.

LR47Lightroom presets come in handy all the time. There are other photo apps available online, but Lightroom is way ahead of the game, as people often prefer free Lightroom presets because of its extensive collection and the tools that go with it.

Aside from its presets though, Lightroom also offers brushes for those specific enhancements that you not normally find with other photo enhancing solutions. These brushes can do detailed retouching in order to accentuate certain features, or highlight certain characteristics in a photo. So if you want something thorough with your enhancements, try its collection of brushes right now.

But with its presets, the overall impact of your photo matters most. That might be possible with other photo apps out there. Lightroom, however, is making photo enhancing a part of your personality, as people often prefer free Lightroom presets to free themselves of the limitations of these photo apps.

You can get your free Lightroom presets anytime online. So easy to download, compatible with both your Mac and PC. And as soon as you download such, you can choose from a wide variety of presets and brushes to choose from. It is all yours for the taking. Experiment with it, use different combinations, explore colorful themes, and tinker with it to your heart’s content.

There are many ways of enhancing a photo, but Lightroom makes it easy for you. And it is manifested with the way your photos are enhanced and presented online, while generating more “likes” and “shares” on your social media page.

A Rush of Photoshop Actions

If you are in a rush of enhancing your photos without sacrificing its quality, then using Photoshop actions is the way to go. With its list of Photoshop actions free online, getting that necessary enhancement is just a matter of choosing the right “action” for your photos.

Photo posting on the web has gone significant changes over the years. In the old days, all you can do is post a single photo online with minimal enhancements that doesn’t even perk up the imagination at all. Now, you post layers of photos complete with technical enhancements while tagging your friends along.


These Photoshop actions free online allows you also to do retouching on those critical features, particularly with portraits. Photos enhanced through these actions bring vibrancy to a potentially static image, where you get to see pictures that make your viewers craving for more.

These Photoshop actions are easy to download, too. And their tools are equally easy to use. Where can you find a photo app that softens you skin in a short span of time? Not that Photoshop is making tricks with your image, but that it brings out the beauty in you.

You will look good with these Photoshop actions, even if it is done in a rush. And you don’t have to relegate the enhancement anymore to your nearest photographer; you can do the enhancements or editing yourself from this list of Photoshop actions online.

So this is the perfect photo app for those persons who are always on the go. Suitable for those who travel all the time, and to those who want to capture certain events at the spur of the moment. In a matter of minutes, you can have the photo you’ve always imagined.

That dramatic feel is what makes these Photoshop actions a suitable photo-enhancing companion. Not a dull moment with it. Every image on your photo is captured with vim, vigor, and vitality. Quality photos on a rush.